WATCH: Mom angry over the way teacher treats her autistic son

WATCH: Mom angry over the way teacher treats her autistic son

Should teachers be trained on how to treat autistic children?

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Being a parent to an autistic child can be challenging, but it can also be one of the most endearing experiences a parent can have. 

It is certainly not something you are born knowing, because being able to be more sensitive and understanding to a child with autism takes some learning. 

However, one thing is for certain, being an advocate, accepting, and standing up for their kids is something that any parent will attest to for their child. 

In this case it was a mother who was infuriated by her son's teacher.

She made a video and a call out to all primary school teachers to ask for their advice if she was in fact correct or not in approaching the teacher. 

Upon picking her son up she found him crying. When she asked him what happened, he told her that his teacher made him face the wall during the class. 

So she took him back to school to speak to the teacher. She was infuriated to hear the way the teacher handled the situation. 

The teacher found her son to be disruptive during class and instead of handling it in a different way, she punished him in a non-productive way. 

Mom admits that it was in fact her decision to send her son to a mainstream school to try and make his life as normal as possible. 

But she feels the teacher could've been more understanding and sensitive to her son's special needs. 


WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok:

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See some of the comments from people below:

Fealing S.L.: "not wrong at all but most primary teachers don't have special needs training so you, teacher, & child have to learn together" 

Img: "Hi, primary teacher of 10 years here. Never seen or heard of this being used as punishment. I would definitely request a meeting with the teacher" 

IndeLibra: "Please give your sweet boy a huge hug from me. I'm so sorry he had to go through that. You're a great mum for fighting his cause. 🥰" 

Catherine: "You did well mommy. Facing the wall should never be used. It’s an old discipline method and we know better now. You need to advocate for your son! 🥰" 

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