WATCH: Nine-year-old emotional over mum's gift to her

WATCH: Nine-year-old emotional over mum's gift to her

She was shocked because she never asked for it, her reasoning was that it was too expensive...

Young girl wearing hooded jacket looks concerned
Young girl wearing hooded jacket looks concerned/Instagram Screenshot/@yourpositivenews

The Festive Season is around the corner and it is that time of year where children look forward to gifts. 

This is not exclusively for those celebrating Christmas though. Kids from all backgrounds feel the merriment of the summer holidays.

Plus, the end of the school year prompts new things for kids, a reward of sorts for them being good and doing well in their academics. 

But it is not often that you will find children being considerate of the price or value of things they want. 

It isn't necessarily because they are spoilt, but rather that they are not familiar with the value associated with money. 

But this nine-year-old is truly way beyond her years. She has wanted a magic mix cauldron for a long time but never actually asked her mom for it.

In the video above, courtesy of Instagram, you will see her genuine and heartwarming reaction to her receiving her birthday gift. 

Her mom said that she wanted the toy cauldron but never asked for it because she was worried that it was too expensive. 

The gift is around R2,500 in South Africa, so we can understand why she thought it was too expensive. 

But the fact that she remained so humble when receiving it, says a lot about her. 


The fact that she thought about her mom's financial situation speaks volumes about her character. 

It also speaks volumes of the relationship she has with her mother. 

Sometimes children are our best teachers, and sometimes seeing them happy like this is the most fulfilling thing we can experience as parents. 

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