WATCH: "Not everyone that has hurt you cares..."

WATCH: "Not everyone that has hurt you cares..."

Sandra Bullock shared some insight into forgiveness...

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As the first half of the year draws to a close, we wanted to share something insightful with you. 

The thing is that many of us are walking around with stored hurt and pain. 

Some of which sometimes expels into the new experiences of our lives and even shatters some of the good in our lives. 

So as a way of trying to get you out of that downward spiral, we wanted to share these wise words with you. 

We came across this video of Sandra Bullock being interviewed by Kelly Clarkson. 

And we found it both uplifting and invigorating. A sense of forgiveness that we haven't seen before. 

WATCH her life changing advice below, courtesy of TikTok

@thequotebibles Not everyone that has hurt you cares. #sandrabullock #forgiveness #forgivenessisfreedom #letitgo ♬ original sound - TheQuoteBibles

Forgiveness let's you off the hook...

Wow, that is deep and meaningful. But the struggle that many people face is how to fully forgive. 

Well, perhaps taking a step back and reflecting on the amount of time you have wasted carrying around that hurt and pain will push you into realising that you control your mind and your feelings, you hold that power, not anyone else...

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