WATCH: This is what 62 years of marriage looks like

WATCH: This is what 62 years of marriage looks like

Now this is something special...

Elderly couple holding hands and dancing
Elderly couple holding hands and dancing/Pexels Website

Living with the same person for over six decades must be an art form or perhaps a mastery... 

But that is what many couples choose to commit to when they get married. Some do it well, so well that they manage to retain their love for one another over the years. 

This was a loving and heartwarming example of that kind of love. 

A daughter videoed her mother in the car whilst she was saying goodbye to her dad. 

The mother was going for a weekend away and got all teary-eyed and emotional saying goodbye. 

We guess that happens when you are still in love and feel sad without your partner. 

WATCH the beautiful encounter below, courtesy of Instagram:


We love the way one of the kids says to her, "You two act like you've never been apart..." 

And her response, "It's terrible..." 

This is the kind of love that people dream about and it is heartwarming to see that exists in real life too...

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Image Courtesy of Pexels Website

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