WATCH: This is what this toddler thinks is her stomach...

WATCH: This is what this toddler thinks is her stomach...

Kids really are the funniest...

Little girl in school uniform
Little girl in school uniform/TikTok Screenshot/@sindikhozaa

School fees are one of the most expensive expenses nowadays. 

And by right we understand why, after all they are taking care of your pride and joy so, of course, they should be properly compensated. 

But are you that parent that expects to see immediate results in your child's education after sending them to school?

Of course! Most parents want to see certain improvements or levels of advancement in their child's knowledge after going to school. 

But perhaps that is a far reach for younger kids...

Because as we all know, each child progresses differently, and to pressure them is only a failure on our part. 

As parents we are meant to be supportive in our roles. But in this case, we totally loved how this mother put it. 

She shared a video of her toddler pointing at her toes, and then as she proceeds to point to her rear, she says, "My stomach..."

Now, of course, that's not her stomach, but her confidence is what we love the most. And that's what you can expect from toddlers as they make sense of everything. 


The mom, however, used this as an opportunity to share some relatable content and wrote: "After paying R1,500 for school fees. And that's her stomach." 

We loved that she said that children really humble us and ain't that the truth. 

Many others used this as an opportunity to play along and told her to get her money back. Only for mom to reveal that normally she gets it correct but today was not one of those days...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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