This is why showing up for your kids matters

This is why showing up for your kids matters

This is a clear example of how showing up for your kids makes a huge impact...

A young girl at her school concert
A young girl at her school concert/TikTok Screenshot/@flyhigh_ashley

There is much to be said about the way we parent. Traditionally, parents were not questioned as much as they are questioned today. 

Perhaps this has a lot to do with the concept of evolution; just as the geographical state of the world and society transformed, so too has the niche of parenting. 

People have more opinions about parenting whether or not they fall into the parenting community. 

A video shared by a mother on TikTok addressed how showing up for your kids has a positive impact.

In the video, we see a young girl standing on stage at what looks like her school concert. She looks sad and lost, unenthused by it all. 

Mom, Ashley, shares that her daughter was told her family wouldn't be able to attend her concert. We assume that was the reason behind her sad face. 

But as she looks out at the crowd, she notices her family in the audience. 

Does she not share the biggest smile after seeing them? It was such a wholesome moment and was a great indication as to what it means to kids when they see their family show up for them. 

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Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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