Are all beggars seen as equals?

Are all beggars seen as equals?

Do you think people treat beggars differently just by looking at the colour of their skin?

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In a video titled 'How Human Are You?', YouTuber Chris Genade set out to prove that South Africans, despite all our differences, are in fact a generous nation. 

Dressed as a homeless man, Genade headed out to a few busy roads around Noordhoek and Fish Hoek in Cape Town. He commented, saying: “The reason why I did this video was to show that the world isn’t as dark and gloomy as people think and that there are generally good people out there that are willing to help.”

Over a period of two weeks, Chris stood at the corner of a few roads and managed to accumulate quite a lot of money. He did not keep the money that he received, but rather dished it out to the beggars that occupy those surrounding areas. 

Even though Chris made some cash, it got him thinking: Are all beggars viewed equally? This definitely got us thinking too. 

Watch the video below: 

Share your thoughts with us. Do you think all beggars are viewed equally? 

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