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Dramatic footage shows Cape Town residents taking law into own hands

After watching this footage, do you think these individuals went too far?

cape town community image

Footage has been doing the rounds on social media showing a group of men taking the law into their own hands. 

The incident took place at a Shell garage in Cape Town and it shows how a group of men, holding a belt, beat alleged criminals who were caught stealing. The video, although very unstable, shows a large crowd of bystanders shouting and causing a loud ruckus.

One man, shirtless and holding a belt, beats the two men who are cowered against a wall. One woman can be heard saying: "Moer hulle, man!" The two men are beaten with what looks like a large piece of plastic and one man is slapped through the face. 

The video was posted to Facebook by the Crime Bureau SA.

Do you agree with this type of punishment? Would you have done the same or called the police?

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