MalJan is looking for the Top Skoroskoro

The MalJan Show is looking for the Top Skoroskoro

When it comes to cars MalJan has a keen eye for true beauty even if it is hidden deep deep deep down. Why go for the latest luxury car when you can get your hands on the Top Skoroskoro

Cars like most things go through trends and get out dated and old. That however doesn't mean they are not still gems deep down. MalJan is on a mission to find the ultimate car, the one that will make heads turn and still get you from A to B well most of the time at least.

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Welcome to the MalJan Show Top Skoroskoro.

First on the list is the Ford Anglia

Next up the Toyota Cressida

It seems that MalJan might have just found his favourite, they even share quite an intimate moment at the end.

Now, for the worst type of skoroskoro, according to MalJan... 

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