Fair game - get the whole family to help with chores

Fair game - get the whole family to help with chores

Don’t let house chores ruin your Christmas. Get the whole family to help you by using these easy tips.

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Do you feel over worked because you have to do all the house chores by yourself? Getting the whole family to help may be not so easy if you do not know how to go about it. But do not worry, we bring you ways in which you can have your family help you with chores around the house, especially over this Festive Season.

Figure out why your family doesn't help

Before asking them to help you out, first establish the reason for them not helping. Could it be that they just thought you could handle all the work yourself, or are they just lazy, or could it be that they feel you are too critical? It is better to know their reason so that you can get the problem fixed.

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Show them why you need help

Communication goes a long way in all relationships. Letting your family know you need help and why you need it is a great idea. You may be surprised that they actually did not have any idea of how you truly felt. Show them how working alone makes you feel over worked and affects you as an individual. Show them how working together as a family could benefit all of you. For instance, it could mean more work gets done quickly and you can have more time for family time.

Don't ask too much too soon

Because your family is not used to helping, it may be a bit difficult for them to adjust. Rather than just bombarding them with work, rather give them one task at a time. With kids, you can start by asking them to pick up their own toys from the floor and pack them away.

If they are teenagers, you can start by asking them to help clean their own room, bathroom, and do the dishes. If your husband is one of those that just gets home and reads the newspaper, rather ask them to maybe help you by bathing the children.

Appreciate the help

Say "thank you" and appreciate the work that your family does. Do not compare them or critise them, unless it is constructive criticism. Show them how it's done, but allow them to make mistakes. Sometimes showing someone how something is done rather than just telling them how it should be done is the greatest way of having them learn how to do it. However, in the process of teaching them, make room for mistakes. Do not shout at your children or call them names when they fail. Keep encouraging them to try again, and soon enough they will get the gist of things.

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