Being "hangry" is a real thing, according to a study!

Being "hangry" is a real thing, according to a study!

Psychologists have found a link between being hungry and our emotions!


According to The Guardian, researchers have confirmed that a lack of food could lead to increased feelings of anger and irritability. Hunger has also been linked to lower levels of pleasure. 

In a study conducted by Prof Viren Swami, a social psychologist at Anglia Ruskin University in England, research showed there is indeed a relationship between hunger and emotions. 

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Swami recruited 64 adults aged 18 to 60 to record their emotions and feelings of hunger five times a day for three weeks. 

The study showcased how hunger negatively affected the participants' moods and led to lower levels of pleasure. "It turns out that being hangry is a real thing,” said Swami.

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Prof Viren Swami was inspired to conduct this research after he was told, on numerous occasions, that he was "hangry" and "should do something about it".

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