"This happens every night" - Increasing theft at local fuel station

"This happens every night" - Increasing theft at local fuel station

A young woman shared her story of phone theft at a local fuel station where "this happens every night".

Phone theft

All South Africans are aware of the dangers lurking around every corner, as well as the increasing crime statistics. 

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to prevent these crimes, even though we are aware of the danger.

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Tayla Wagner, a local Johannesburg woman, shared her story of phone theft on the Facebook group, 'I Love Fourways'.

Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Wagner about the incident to find out more.

The young woman recalled the incident when she and her friend were waiting for an Uber at a local petrol station in Johannesburg. 

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"We were standing outside waiting for our Uber and the guy ran past me, took my phone that I was holding, jumped in a car, and went."

Wagner also shared further shocking news following her interaction with the petrol station employees. 

According to Wagner, the employees told her that this type of incident "happens every night". 

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The former University of Johannesburg student said she wanted to share her story to warn people. Even though you think you are being safe or that it won't happen to you, the possibility is always there. 

Wagner was not actively busy on her phone but rather she took out her phone to confirm whether her Uber arrived at her location. 

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