Martin Bester clears up alleged relation to Thabo Bester

Martin Bester clears up alleged relation to Thabo Bester

Many people couldn’t help but notice the connection between Martin Bester and Thabo Bester, so the Breakfast host decided to address the matter.

Thabo Bester
Jacaranda FM

In 2011, Thabo Bester was tried and convicted for the rape of two women he had targeted through Facebook. He became known as the 'Facebook Rapist'.

While in prison, it was believed that he had died in May 2022 when his cell went up in flames, leaving only a burnt body as evidence that Bester had been there.

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As it turns out, the body that was found in the wreckage of the fire did not belong to Thabo Bester. 

There is now an ongoing investigation and the search for the real Thabo Bester. 

The elephant in the room at Jacaranda FM is the fact that Martin Bester shares a surname with the convicted murderer, while the Breakfast show host is from the Eastern Cape, where Thabo Bester is also allegedly from. 

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This made the 'Lily' singer, as well as the Jacaranda FM listeners, think that there might be a family connection, as they share a surname and come from the same place.

Bester addressed the family allegations saying that Eastern Cape Besters are “usually good people”.

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News Cast editor, Gerda de Sousa, also informed Bester about the current developments of the case.

According to Prof Gerard Labuschagne, an Investigative Forensic Psychologist, Thabo Bester might not be his real name, as he uses many pseudonyms. 

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Breakfast with Martin Bester will talk to Prof Gerard Labuschagne on Thursday for more information on Thabo Bester.

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