VIDEO: Man swings on moving truck on SA road

VIDEO: Man swings on moving truck on SA road

Often you see something that reminds you that there is no place like South Africa.

VIDEO: Man swings on moving truck on SA road

The roads of South Africa can be an interesting place.

There are various amounts of entertainment to be found while driving around.

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From making awkward eye contact with those sitting on the back of a bakkie to streetside performers.

While these might feel like a distraction to some drivers, they don't put anyone in harm's way.

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One video has been condemned by various officials as it puts the person in question and those around them in terrible danger.

A video has been shared on Instagram that shows a man swinging on some ropes on the back of a van.

Unfortunately, the van is not stationary and is actually moving pretty quickly on the roads.

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Clearly, this is dangerous behaviour.

Watch the video here:

According to TimesLive, the video was allegedly taken on the N2 and Durban metro police spokesperson Boysie Zungu said they were not aware of the incident.

Not only should you not try this at home, you definitely should not try it on the roads.

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