Did you fail matric? What to do next...

Three ways to improve your matric results

The South African government has shared options that learners who want to improve their results or who failed to pass their matric can consider. 

Student stressed out writing exams / iStock
Student stressed out writing exams / iStock

The 2021 matric class received its results this week. 

Although there was an increase in the overall pass rate, some students didn't make it.

But the good thing is that it is not all doom and gloom. You are being afforded another chance to repeat and come out even stronger.  

If you do not want to repeat your matric year, then you have the following options: 

Remarking or re-checking examination answer scripts

According to gov.za, learners who feel they were marked unfairly can apply for remarking. However, this does not guarantee that your marks will change or even improve. 

"Application forms for re-marking or re-checking of examination answer scripts are available from schools, examination centres where you sat for the examination or at the nearest district office. The closing date for application for a re-mark or re-check is Tuesday, 21 January 2014," states the website. 

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Supplementary examinations

South African scholars have an option to apply for supplementary examinations, if they qualify. 

The conditions for qualifying are as follows: 

- Candidates that have not met the minimum promotion and certification requirements, but who require a maximum of two subjects to obtain the National Senior Certificate.

-Candidates who could not sit or finish the examination due to medical reasons, a death in the immediate family or some other special reason, provided documentary evidence is submitted. 

-Candidates who are one requirement short in satisfying the minimum higher education or higher education faculty requirements (documentary evidence must be submitted). 

These students can register at the centres where they sat for the examination immediately after receiving their results. 

The closing date for applications for the supplementary examinations is 24 January 2014.

"Those who have not succeeded in their examinations and who do not qualify for the supplementary examination must re-enrol at a school without delay, as long as they meet the age requirement (which is under 21years of age)," states the website. 

Part-time student registration

For those pupils who are above the age of 21 but failed to pass Grade 12, there is an option to enrol as as part-time candidate or enrol at Adult Education Centres.

The good thing is that "participation in programmes at these centres is free and is available for young people and adults who have not completed their formal schooling," states the website. 

The learners can also "explore other vocational options such as Further Education and Training Colleges."

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