Mom buys toddler the most expensive designer outfits and jewellery

Mom buys toddler the most expensive designer outfits and jewellery

This unemployed mother has spoiled her toddler son with a $1,200 (approximately R20,000) solid-gold pacifier and a $1,100 (approximately R18,000) diamond-encrusted bracelet.

Spoiled toddler
Spoiled toddler / YouTube screenshot

How much are you willing to spend to spoil your children? 

For this mother, money is not an issue, despite the fact that she is not employed. 

According to New York Post, Kasey Akram is determined to get her son everything he wants, even if it means she doesn't buy herself clothes. 

“As soon as I had my little boy, my obsession changed from how I looked to focusing on my son,” Akram, 32, explained to South West News Service. 

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Some of the expensive items the toddler has includes: 

- $1,200 solid-gold pacifier. 

- $1,100 diamond-encrusted bracelet. 

- $900 Versace chain. 

- Gucci sneakers. 

“What Jareem wants Jareem gets," she said. 

"The last pair of shoes I bought myself were [$1.21] Primark flip-flops, and on the same day, I bought him Gucci [sneakers],” added the mother. 

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Like most toddlers, Kasey says her son also loses stuff. 

“I spent [$1,200] on a solid-gold [binky], and he chucked it in the middle of town and lost it. I cried for three days,” said the mom. 

She says she has also spent hundreds of Dollars on palm readers to learn her son's favourite colour. 

Because the mother is not working, she says some of the luxurious items are funded by the boy's father. 

“Whatever he likes, he gets. And if I can’t afford it, I ring his dad and get the money,” said Kasey. 

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