Harmful food ingredients to avoid feeding your dog

Harmful food ingredients to avoid feeding your dog

These common dog food ingredients might cause health problems for your pet. 

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Every dog owner wants to ensure that they give their pet the best life.

 This includes feeding them with nutritious food that will help them grow and be healthy.

In order to do this, it's important to know which ingredients are toxic, so that you don't end up feeding your pet food that could make them sick or obese.

Let's look at different dog food ingredients that have been found to be problematic.

Corn Syrup

Although corn syrup makes food taste sweet, it has too much sugar. Feeding your dog too much sugar is not advisable.  Experts warn that this could cause your dog to become obese or even make them sick.

According to iheartdogs.com, some of these diseases include diabetes, hyperactivity, and even a change in mental behaviour.


According to Furry Ark, Soybeans can cause gastric distress and allergies. Furry Ark says 90% of soil has been genetically modified and it contains high levels of pesticides.

Other reports have stated that it can cause digestion problems. 

Raw meat

BBC reports that raw-meat dog foods contain high levels of bacteria that pose a risk to animals and humans.

Another report by Medical News Today states that raw food samples contained species of Enterobacteriaceae, which typically indicate fecal contamination.

Meat meals have also been reported to be dangerous because they could be anything - ranging from expired meat to diseased animals. 

Artificial colourants

Artificial colourants make food look good, but can be unhealthy. They have been linked to causing allergies in pets. 


Too much salt in dog food can lead to health issues. The American Cancer Society states that too much salt can increase the risk of cancer.

Other diseases associated with consuming too much salt are high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and cardiovascular disease. 

Furry Ark has shared fourteen of the most toxic ingredients found in pet foods. Below is the video. 

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