How to get your child to eat vegetables

How to get your child to eat vegetables

Struggling to get your little one to eat vegetables? These tricks will help...

Child eating vegetables
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It is important for children to consume vegetables to grow up healthy and strong, since they are rich in many nutrients. 

Unfortunately, there are many children who dread eating vegetables. It then becomes the parent or guardian's responsibility to ensure that they eat them so they don't become malnourished. 

Let's look at smart ways to ensure you get your little ones to eat veggies: 

Incorporate vegetables into other meals

Vegetables blend easily into other meals and depending on how much you add, sometimes your child won't even be able to pick up that you have added them. 

There are lots of foods that kids love that you can easily add vegetables to - oatmeal, muffins, and pudding.

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Set an example

Your child learns by watching what you do. Set a good example with vegetables and let your child see you eating and enjoying vegetables. 

So don't just ask your child to eat vegetables while you eat other things. 

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Add the vegetables into a smoothie

Using smoothies as a way to get your child to eat vegetables is a great idea, and you can add things like honey and fruit to make it tasty for them. 

Cut the vegetables into cool shapes 

Make food look appetising for your kids to encourage them to eat. 

Kids love to be creative. Cut the vegetables into fun shapes like stars and hearts using cutters. You can even get your children involved in cutting the vegetables into shapes they like - but watch them like a hawk with a knife.  

Prepare the food with your children

Include your children in the preparation of meals and have some fun with the process!

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