WATCH: The Breakfast-rush tasty oat solution

WATCH: The Breakfast-rush tasty oat solution

Set the tone for the day with a tasty and fancy yet easy first meal.

Baked berry oatmeal

If mornings are your most hectic time of the day, then this is meant for you. Turns out breakfast does not have to be boring.

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A baked berry oatmeal trend on social media is becoming a favourite. The recipe even got a Tik Tok hashtag (#BakedBerryOatmeal) that has over 197,000 views.

The meal is loved for its simplicity and healthy content.

To prepare the oatmeal, all you need is oats, bananas, milk, mixed berries, and chia seeds - which are optional.

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These oatmeal recipes are worth a try because there is no way they would have received huge views on the app otherwise.

Watch the video below:

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