Carpet care tips from the expert

Carpet care tips from the expert

Fila Janzen Van Vuuren from Carpet and Décor in Bela Bela shares advice on how to ensure you take good care of your carpet.

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It’s winter in South Africa and many of us will be buying carpets to keep our homes warm.

Carpeted floors feel warmer underfoot and choosing the right colour and carpet texture can help define a room - instantly turning it from drab to fab.

To ensure your carpet lasts longer and that you maintain its quality, it’s important to take good care of it.

Get good quality

Fila says one of the key things in ensuring your carpet lasts for years is to buy a good quality carpet. The quality of a carpet is determined by the fibres the carpet is made of. Nylon is a popular fibre that is loved for its durability, resilience and easy maintenance. Polypropylene, on the other hand, is inexpensive, strong and resists fading, but it’s not as resilient as nylon. Other good fibres include polyester and triexta. A good tip for checking the quality is to also bend the carpet backwards and check if you can't see the underside or backing easily. A good quality carpet shouldn't show the backing so easily. 


Buy the right type 

Fila says it's important that you buy a carpet that is suitable for your family. For instance, in a home with small kids or pets, Fila says it’s best to get a carpet that is darker in colour so that dirt won’t be as visible. This means you won’t have to wash it as frequently as you would have to wash a lighter colour.

Remove spill immediately

When it comes to spills, Fila says you must deal with them immediately to avoid the substance from spreading or damaging the fibre.

She says you must stay away from rubbing the carpet or using harsh chemicals as some chemicals are only suitable for specific fibres.

To clean solids, you should remove the stain by scrapping towards the centre of the stain with a spoon or palette knife and for liquids you should blot up using a white cloth or paper towels. You must press it down into the carpet, but do not rub. After cleaning, you must rinse with clean water.

Wash correctly

“Do not over wet your carpet, it’s best to clean using foam. But, before you wash your carpet, you must vacuum it thoroughly,” says Fila.

She adds that you can clean your carpet using Jik and dishwasher liquid. 

"Pour 1/2 litre water and two teaspoons of white vinegar or Jik into a spray bottle and spray over the carpet," says Fila. She says after the carpet is cleaned and dried, you must vacuum it again. 


Fila says vacuuming daily is important in ensuring your carpet lasts.  Vacuuming removes dirt particles and dry soil which can ruin your carpet and be harder to remove if left for too long.

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