Family makes rug out of dead golden retriever

Family makes rug out of dead golden retriever

This family was not ready to say goodbye to their pooch...

Two kids sitting on floor petting golden retriever dog
Kids sitting on floor petting golden retriever dog/ iStock

Losing a pet can be devastating. 

For most people, regardless of how painful the loss is, the natural thing to do would be to bury the pet or cremate it.

But for this one family, keeping the memory of the dog alive meant turning it into a rug.

The news was shared by a taxidermist company on social media.

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The social media post from Chimera Taxidermy said an Australian family asked the company to transform their dead dog into a rug in order for them to keep his memory alive. 

According to an Instagram post from the company, the golden retriever was tanned and turned to leather so that its fur wouldn't fall off and it can remain in a good condition for years.

The video and pictures of the new rug received mixed reviews on social media.

"Super cute, never seen pets preserved as pelts before," said one IG user.

"I wouldn't want her head but oh my god I can't let go of my baby," another user wrote. 

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Image courtesy of iStock/ @Prostock-Studio

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