10 times Karlien van Jaarsveld made the headlines in 2018

10 times Karlien van Jaarsveld made the headlines in 2018

The Afrikaans singer dominated local headlines in 2018 - we recap some of her biggest stories.

karlien en bobby
Karlien van Jaarsveld and Bobby van Jaarsveld / Instagram.

The Van Jaarsvelds - just like the Kardashians - are a cultural phenomenon, especially in the local entertainment landscape.

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Whether you like them or not - it's difficult to ignore them. And despite some South Africans critiquing the media for covering the celebrity family's lives extensively, audiences love to consume them - especially  Karlien van Jaarsveld.

From being in a car crash with her kids, releasing new music and a lipstick line, being accused of copying Gwen Stefani's music video, to her dramatic custody battle with former rugby star, Derick Hougaard -  Karlien dominated the local entertainment headlines in 2018.

Here is a list of 10 times she made headlines:

10. Karlien van Jaarsveld grateful for everyone's prayers for her daughter

When Karlien van Jaarsveld joined Breakfast with Martin Bester for a Friday Live performance in June this year, the singer exclusively shared that her life changed drastically after something unexpected occurred regarding the health of her daughter, Elah. Karlien says all she can do is "trust in God". She told Martin Bester she appreciates all the prayers for her and her family.

Van Jaarsveld said that she can't reveal her daughter's condition but she appreciates everyone's thoughts.

Listen to the interview below:

9. Karlien van Jaarsveld releases brand new music

Karlien joined Martin Bester to debut her brand-new song, 'Rooilipsoene' in September and audiences absolutely loved it! The singer also recently launched a limited edition red lipstick line, Karlien - which was inspired by her chart-topping hit, Rooilipsoene.

8. WATCH: Karlien van Jaarsveld, Simoné Nortmann, and Joe Breytenbach in a love triangle in new music video

A week after releasing her latest single, 'Rooilipsoene', Karlien van Jaarsveld dropped the music video for this powerful song. In the video, Karlien is caught in a love triangle with her husband, Joe Breytenbach and local actress Simone Nortmann.

Watch the music video below:

7. Did Karlien van Jaarsveld copy Gwen Stefani in her new music video?

After sharing the video for Rooilipsoene, many people on social media said that it had a lot of similarities to American artist, Gwen Stefani's music video for 'Cool'. In both videos, the singer is a woman who welcomes her ex-lover and his new fiancé, while flashing back to their time together.

Months later Karlien addressed the backlash she received for the music video, stating that she never plagiarised Gwen's music video, but rather wanted to pay homage.

"What people probably didn't know, is that I am a massive Gwen Stefani fan. Back when I was still in a band I knew that I wanted to recreate a music video like that, so when I heard Rooilipsoene I thought it would be the perfect song to do it on," van Jaarsveld said in an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Jacaranda FM.

 Watch the full interview with High School Hit's presenter, Renaldo Schwarp here:

6. Bobby and Karlien are looking for the next big Afrikaans music star

Brother-and-sister duo, Bobby and Karlien van Jaarsveld, were announced as the presenters of a new reality TV singing competition, which set out to crown the next big Afrikaans music star. 'Die Kontrak' officially starts on 19 September on DStv channel 147 at 20:00.

Demi-Lee Moore was announced as the winner of VIA TV's 'Die Kontrak' on Friday, 23 November at the Afrikaans is Groot mega-concert at the Sun Arena, Pretoria.

5. Karlien wears Miss Universe's crowning dress in new music video

Pop artist, Vincent Gordon's latest single, 'Stap Soos Karlien' has recently been released and it's set to be a favourite on the dancefloor. The song was inspired by the pop princess and in the music video she can be seen wearing the exact same dress as Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, when she was crowned in 2017. 

The dress was designed by renowned local designer, Anel Botha.

4. Karlien van Jaarveld shares emotional message for her baby daughter

While many South Africans were supporting the Springboks in their clash against the All Blacks at Loftus Versfeld in October, the singer shared an emotional post to her Instagram page. Karlien shared a video of her daughter, Elah who celebrated her first birthday.

Watch the video below:

3. 'We wait for no one' - FlySafair turns Karlien van Jaarsveld away

'Late is late' - this is according to FlySAFair after Afrikaans singer Karlien van Jaarsveld arrived 4 minutes late for her flight over the weekend.

The "Rooilipsoene" singer shared the drama in an Instagram post on Saturday, stating that she was just four minutes late for her flight with the airline. “4 Minute laat by ’n @flysafairza desk, en jy mis jou vlug. Ons mis julle @flymangosa!!!! Hierdie airline is VOL str**t,” she wrote.  

The Instagram post was removed moments after sharing it, see the screengrab below:

karlien screengrab
Screengrab from Karlien van Jaarsveld's Instagram page / Instagram.

2. 'Ons was die veiligste wat ons kan wees' - Derick Hougaard details dramatic evening at Loftus

A panicked post by Afrikaans singer Karlien van Jaarsveld had social media up in arms in early December. Van Jaarsveld took to her social media and alleged that her kids were missing while under the supervision of her ex-husband, Derick Hougaard. She even labeled it the longest hour of her life.

Van Jaarsveld has since shared an open letter on her Facebook page about the ordeal, as well as her marriage with the rugby star and the night from hell. She even alleges that Hougaard has put the kids' lives in danger before. 

 Derick Hougaard joined Martin Bester to chat about their evening of ‘horror’ at Loftus Versfeld.

Listen below:

1. Karlien to take legal action as Derick admits to 'drinking too much'

Karlien's mother and manager, Ronel Brink told Sunday newspaper, Rapport that her daughter wants to take legal steps against Hougaard. This comes after Brink gathered testimonials from people that saw Hougaard intoxicated at the event.

She went on to say that van Jaarsveld doesn’t want to keep the children away from Derick, but that she wants to ensure that her children are safe when they are with Hougaard. 

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