Bobby van Jaarsveld has a new hobby

Bobby van Jaarsveld has a new hobby

Looks like Ballito has had a pretty strong influence on Bobby van Jaarsveld.

bobby van jaarsveld vissermna
Bobby van Jaarsveld / Instagram.

For many, a new year brings an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Turning over a new leaf, getting rid of bad habits, or perhaps picking up a new hobby?

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This was the case for local musician Bobby van Jaarsveld, who shared that he found a new hobby in his new hometown. At the end of 2018, the singer shared on social media that he and his family are leaving the capital city for a new life in Ballito. 

The 'Spieëltjie' hitmaker shared the news in a string of Instagram posts, captioning one of them, "We're home. Some people are heading to the beach for holiday and we moved;"

"Ons het ons #HuisieByDieSee ... #uiteindelik We #MadeTheMove #NewSeason" the singer added to the post.

Bobby 'Die visserman'...

And it seems the Ballito life is treating Bobby well, so much so that he even started enjoying a new hobby... Fishing!

Van Jaarsveld shared his news with his 216,000 followers on his Instagram page on Saturday. The singer posted two pics of him in action, have a look:

visserman bobby 1
Bobby van Jaarsveld / Instagram.
bobby 2
Bobby van Jaarsveld / Instagram.

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