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How should the greatest love story never told end?

Rian of The Complimentary Breakfast announced this morning that the greatest love story never told that you have helped us create will be turned into a movie tomorrow morning. It will all be screened live on a digital billboard. However, every story needs an ending... 


Over the last week you have helped us create the greatest love story never told. To date you have picked our characters, James and Sandy and sent them on a date. The date never went as planned for James and you decided that James needed a second chance

One their second date they went dancing at a club and now we once again need your help to decide how the story will end. Do James and Sandy actually fall in love or do they call it quits? Our greatest love story never told needs you to decide the final part of the story. Will James sweep Sandy off her feet and make her fall deeply in love with him? 

Earlier this morning Rian announced that the greatest love story that you helped create will be broadcasted live on the largest digital billboard somewhere in Johannesburg. We're actually going to be making this story into a movie, live tomorrow morning all thanks to you! If you cannot join us tomorrow morning, we will stream it live on our website for you to watch. Take a listen to the big news Rian revealed this morning. 

Vote below and let us know how you think your story you've created thus far should end. 

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