Listen: Bouwer Bosch releases new music video

Listen: Bouwer Bosch releases new music video

Bouwer Bosch is back with a brand new music video for 'Skemer' from his album, 'Briewe Uit Die Argiewe'. 

Bouwer Bosch
Bouwer Bosch /

Afrikaans singer Bouwer Bosch has a new offering for his fans. 

Bouwer released his latest music video for 'Skemer' on November 23. 

In the video, the singer acts as a traffic cop who pulls up a speeding dancer, Sarah Leigh, who then teaches Bouwer some epic dance moves. 

The music video was shot in Johannesburg and directed by Bouwer himself. 

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"Okay South Africa! My latest music video for “Skemer” is out! Go check out what happens when a traffic cop with a passion for dancing, pulls over a speeding dancer," wrote Bouwer on IG. 

'Skemer' is the first song on Bouwer's latest album, 'Briewe Uit Die Argiewe'. The album has twelve songs and took three years to produce. 

Watch Bouwer's latest music video below. 

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Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Bouwer Bosch

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