Matt Gardiner is releasing new music

Matt Gardiner is releasing new music

The countdown to Matt Gardiner's new music release has begun...

Matt Gardiner on Instagram
Matt Gardiner/ Instagram

Matt Gardiner has announced new music. 

Taking to Instagram, the musician has announced that he will be releasing his latest single, 'Right (Wrong)'. 

Matt teased a short video of the song: 

Remember how I bought you flowers (I crashed your car). Stayed up all night, we'd talk for hours told you you sound just like your mom. I know you know I won't admit that it's my fault 'cause, after all, I did everything right, except the things that I did wrong.

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The song comes out on Friday, 07 June. 

Matt is known for producing hits such as 'Hometown Drama', which is currently #1 on The CTM Top 40 with Danny Painter. 

His other popular song is 'Hair, Brown Eyes'. 

He is from Pietermaritzburg and made his debut in 2016 when he became one of the Top 30 contestants of 'South African Idols'.

His other career highlights include representing South Africa at the Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp in 2013 for music and culture.

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