Egoli actress thankful for friend who fills up empty fridge
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Egoli actress thankful for friend who fills up empty fridge

The actress shared her trying times and how a friend stepped in to help.

Dorette Potgieter
Dorette Potgieter / Facebook.

Local actress Dorette Potgieter, who recently starred in action comedy film 'Thys & Trix', has shared her gratitude for friends who still care.

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The Egoli star shared a Facebook post where she thanks her friends for helping her during her financial woes. "God looks after His children and will provide... A very dear friend just rang the doorbell drop off my lunch after stocking my freezer with chicken and more groceries to get me through these testing times!!!" the actress wrote.

Potgieter added that she is very grateful for each and every blessing she receives daily from friends and family. "Jesus is alive and God hears our prayers."

The actress, who is well known for her role on local soap 'Egoli', currently stays in Cape Town and is single mother of a nine-year-old daughter.

Potgieter told Huisgenoot magazine that all her work has come to an end recently and that she used all her money. "This is why I don't have money to buy food," she said.


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