Somizi Mhlongo lashes out at Grace Bible Church

Somizi Mhlongo lashes out at Grace Bible Church

A Ghanaian bishop is at the centre of a social media storm after making homophobic comments during a sermon in the Grace Bible Church in Soweto yesterday. 

Somizi Mhlongo

Socialite and Idols Judge Somizi Mhlongo walked out of the sermon and lashed out at the bishop on social media after comments the bishop made regarding homosexuality.


"There is nothing like that in nature. You don't see two male dogs or two male leopards or any other animal....that makes it to be not natural," the bishop said in his sermon.

No opinion or advice needed. I'm just venting. @grace_bible_church

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Mhlongo, who has lashed out at homophobes in the past, took to his Instagram account saying he is disgusted by what the bishop preached and that he is disappointed in South Africans for not standing up against the homophobic sermon.

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"I'm not going to sit there and listen to someone offending me. I am a gay man and this is who I am," Somizi said.

He added that it is up to individuals to deal with their relationship with God and that churches should say out loud if gay people are not allowed to attend their sermons.

"Let the churches speak out and say it loud and clear that we are not welcome. Then at least we can find places of worship where we are welcome," Somizi said.


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The flamboyant socialite also added that no one but God can judge anyone and that he didn't decide to be gay.

"Let God deal with me!" Somizi said.

The Grace Bible Church's Rev Ezekiel Mathole has reacted to the incident, saying they welcome all to their place of worship.

"We welcome all people in our church and we don't discriminate against anybody but we want to acknowledge that when it comes to certain issues of lifestyle, there are different views.

The church added that they are open to discuss different views and that when they do discuss these issues, they steer clear from hate speech.

This is the moment that Somizi is referring to in the sermon.

Martin Bester and the team caught up with Somizi to speak to him about the incident.

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