Cold front: Shack fires, power lines damaged

Cold front: Shack fires, power lines damaged

The cold front has caused devastation in various parts of the country as temperatures plummeted from Monday.

Eskom Power Lines damaged
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As the intense cold front moved into Gauteng, emergency services declared they are on stand-by.

Three separate shack fires were reported in the City of Johannesburg on Monday evening, rendering families of at least 50 shacks homeless.

According to Johannesburg Emergency Services spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi, preliminary investigations pointed to heating devices as the cause of the fires.

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Around thirty shacks were damaged in Marlboro, ten in Soweto and another ten in EbuMnandini after residents failed to use their devises properly.

"Our disaster management officials have been activated, and those affected will be assisted," says Mulaudzi.

Meanwhile, Eskom power lines were damaged by strong winds and heavy snow in the Eastern Cape.

Various parts of the old Transkei were dumped in darkness on Monday afternoon.

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"In certain parts of the Eastern Cape, eastern Free State and Western Cape where there have been reports of heavy snowfall especially in the Eastern Cape some of our transmission lines have been damaged because of the strong winds and heavy snow," says spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe.

The power utility has meanwhile advised residents to use electricity sparingly as the national grid is currently under heavy pressure due to the cold front.

Phasiwe is however confident that network will be able to withstand the test.

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