Mrwetyana’s alleged killer was flagged by SSA

Mrwetyana’s alleged killer was flagged by SSA

An internal investigation by the South African Post Office has revealed that it was informed about the criminal record of the man accused of raping and killing Uyinene Mrwetyana.

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The 42-year-old male suspect has been charged with the 19-year-old University of Cape Town (UCT) student’s murder and rape.


Mrwetyana was last seen alive at a post office in Claremont where the suspect - accused of allegedly raping and bludgeoning his victim - works.


On Sunday, the post office released a statement vowing to get to the bottom of the circumstances that led to the appointment of the employee.


On Monday the state-owned entity revealed that the man was not screened when he was appointed - first as a part-time employee, through a labour broker, and then later as a full-time employee.

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In a statement, the company says when the man was offered a permanent contract in 2013 he declared that he did not have any past criminal record.


"During 2016, the implicated employee was appointed into a permanent teller position. During this time he had signed another declaration confirming that he did not have any criminal record. He also affirmed an oath required by the Sapo Act committing to be honest and trustworthy, and to act in accordance with the law."


The suspect was flagged by the State Security Agency in June 2018 as having a criminal record, but nothing was done about it.


"When SAPO took over the SASSA grants payments in 2018, all current customer facing and other key employees were subjected to SSA Personnel Suitability screening. Out of the 13000 employees, SSA had found 300 records of which 174 were convictions in which the implicated employee was one of them. His conviction related to a 1998 carjacking conviction with an 8 years sentence, of which 5 years were served with 3 years suspended.


"These findings were made available to SAPO officials in June 2018, however, the information was not disclosed to the executive and board."



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