Police warns of online scams used to lure women

Police warn of online scams used to lure women

Police in Tshwane has warned of a rise in assault and rape cases where perpetrators lure their victims online.

Police crime scene

A manhunt has been launched for an unknown number of suspects following the alleged rape of a 26-year-old woman in Sunnyside.

Police spokesperson Daniel Mavimbela says the suspect advertised a three-terabyte external hard drive on the internet.

"According to police records, the victim had planned to buy the hard drive when she agreed to meet with the suspect at a fast food outlet in Sunnyside on Sunday evening.

"Reports further suggest that following the meeting the victim accompanied the suspect to a local flat where she woke up naked on a bed two about two hours after she had passed out shortly after their arrival at that flat."

Mavimbela believes the woman was either spiked or made unconscious.

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"The woman believes that while she was unconscious, the suspect sexually violated and possibly raped before abandoning her inside an apartment at that flat.”

In a separate incident, a 19-year old was also allegedly raped by someone who promised to put her in touch with so-called blessers.

Mavimbela says the victim made use of a well-known social media website.

"The local police suspect that the recent heightening of operations could be denying criminals space to operate freely in the streets and the latter are resorting to 'friendlier’ methods by isolating potential victims from the public eye through the usage of the internet.

“Internet users are warned to exercise extreme caution before agreeing to meet with strangers."

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