[WATCH] Elma Smit in eye of tropical cyclone Berguitta

[WATCH] Elma Smit in the eye of tropical cyclone Berguitta

Jacaranda FM sports presenter Elma Smit is currently on vacation on the island of Mauritius amid an intense tropical storm.

Alma Smit

Authorities in Mauritius have downgraded cyclone Berguitta to an intense tropical storm.

Smit says schools and business have closed.

"Authorities on the island issued a class 3 cyclone warning, which remains in effect until Thursday. The eye is expected to pass off Mauritius by mid-morning Thursday."

The South African Airways (SAA) has suspended all flights between South Africa and Mauritius.

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The airline's Tlali Tlali says the decision was taken based on the safety of their passengers.

Smit gusts hitting 120 km/h could be expected by Wednesday evening. 

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