Adorable moment father sings baby to sleep

Martin and Tumi: Adorable moment father sings baby to sleep

Have you been struggling to get your restless baby to fall asleep?

image baby sleeping father sings

Well, this father can teach you a thing or two. 

If you love playing smooth 80s music jams, don't let your baby stop you from enjoying your 'me time'. Simply strap your baby to your chest and let them join in on the fun. 

That's exactly what one father did. YouTuber, 'Songs With My Daughter', shows parents what it's like to make sweet music with your baby strapped to your chest. 

By the looks of it, this little one seems to be enjoying dad's musical talents. 

We're totally game for anything that gets a crying baby to sleep. On the plus side, you get to enjoy some much-needed bonding time with your baby.

What do you do to put your baby to sleep?

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