Nádine catches Derick with another woman in hotel room

Nádine catches Derick with another woman in hotel room

Photos of Derick Hougaard and a blonde woman have surfaced and are doing the rounds on social media.

nadine en derick
Nádine and Derick Hougaard / Instagram.
It seems that Derick Hougaard just can't stay out of trouble.

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The popular couple, who started dating in 2017 admitted that they faced a lot of challenges in the public eye. Even so, this might be the biggest challenge they have been faced with. 

Photos recently surfaced of Derick Hougaard and an unknown blonde woman in a bar, and it seems that Derick and the blonde woman’s meeting did not stop at the bar.

Derick and unknown woman
Derick and unknown woman/Huisgenoot
Derick and unknown woman Two
Derick and unknown woman Two/Huisgenoot

The photos (allegedly taken by Nádine) that have been shared on social media show Derick and the same woman in a hotel room, in the same bed.

Derick and unknown woman three
Derick and unknown woman/Huisgenoot

According to Huisgenoot, a source close to the singer said there was an altercation in the hotel room and that Nádine's heart is broken. 

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