Cakegate: Hundreds of customers receive destroyed cakes

Cakegate: Hundreds of customers receive destroyed cakes

Another cautionary tale from the world of online shopping.

Cakegate: Hundreds of customers receive destroyed cakes

In the year 2024, you can do almost everything online.

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What started as a way to order food, you can now shop for clothing, outdoor supplies, buy cars, and everything else your heart desires on the internet.

While it might seem like the solution to a lot of problems, there is still a sense of distrust when not being able to see the thing you buy face-to-face before spending your money.

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Will the person selling you something be a scammer? Will the clothes you ordered fit and be good quality?

Unfortunately, a well-known department store chain in Japan did not have the best end to 2023 as they came under fire for a cake that they had sold.

The store called Takashimaya had sold a beautiful strawberry-decorated cake online that had arrived at their customers' doors in various stages of collapse.

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From the 3,000 frozen cakes sold, over 800 of them were flattened, squished and terribly deformed.

Takashimaya senior official Kazuhisa Yokoyama spoke about the incident in a nationally televised news conference:

Customers have since received refunds and the company investigated what could have led to the cakes arriving in these conditions.

At this time no cause has been found and temperature management was not the issue.

Looks like you can't always have your pretty cake and eat it too.

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