VIDEO: Dad caught with his pants down at daughter's wedding

VIDEO: Dad caught with his pants down at daughter's wedding

He now finds himself the butt of many jokes...

VIDEO: Dad caught with his pants down at daughter's wedding

The list of things that can go wrong at a wedding is endless.

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From unexpected weather changes to catering mishaps, many things can lead to the stress levels of the bride and groom reaching new heights.

One aspect that couples would like to think they don't have to worry about too much is the guests.

Hopefully, everyone attending stays out of trouble, doesn't cause any drama, and behaves themselves.

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But sometimes accidents happen even to the best of us.

One TikTok user, @Sarah_conhers, has decided to share an embarrassing moment that happened at her wedding as a public service announcement to any brides getting married in the future.

The happily married mom of two uploaded a video that shows her walking down the aisle on her wedding day, holding her father's arm.

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At first, it seems like the pair are just walking down the aisle as is expected at any normal wedding.

But what happens next is sure to make you giggle:

@sarahcongrun PSA to all the 2024 brides- whoever is walking you down the aisle make sure they’re wearing suspenders or a belt! #bride#wedding#bridesoftiktok#funny#fyp#bridal#humor#weddingsgonewrong #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - Sarah_conhers

Luckily, Sarah has decided to share her experience and others can now learn from her video and not make the same, memorable mistake.

Hopefully the family just laugh about it now.

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Main image courtesy of @sarahcongrun/TikTok

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