Hunt for Cape Town toddler's missing teddy comes to a happy end

Hunt for Cape Town toddler's missing teddy comes to a happy end

Have you seen this purple teddy?

Cape Town family offer reward for help finding a toddlers teddy
Juleiga Rorich/IOL

Over the last few days, there has been a massive effort to find three-year-old Ziyah Jacobs' purple teddy bear that was lost during the 'Tweede Nuwe Jaar' celebrations in Cape Town.

After searching far and wide, her grandmother sent out a desperate plea, offering a reward in the hope that someone had found the teddy and that the two could be reunited.

According to Juleiga Rorich, it was not long after appearing in the Daily Voice that she received a phone call from Donna Steyn.

Donna is also a mother and told Rorich that her daughter had a similar teddy that they wanted to give Ziyah.

Donna's nine-year-old Micah said that she was saddened by Ziyah's story and wanted to help:

Thanks to a caring and thoughtful community, Ziyah hopefully won't have anymore sleepless nights.


Many parents have experienced the traumatic events that follow a child losing a beloved toy, blanket or other type of comforting companion.

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To older kids and adults, it might seem like an overly dramatic reaction to something very minor, yet inconvenient.

To the child who had lost their companion, it truly does feel like the end of the world.

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A family in Cape Town is currently experiencing such a dilemma as three-year-old Ziyah Jacobs has lost her purple teddy bear while attending the 'Tweede Nuwe Jaar' celebrations.

According to her grandmother, Juleiga Rorich, she must have dropped the stuffed animal while crossing the street in a hurry during the celebrations and unfortunately, the family only realised that it was gone much later.

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When she noticed it was missing she started searching everywhere, even looking through dustbins, not worried about looking crazy and only hoping to find the missing toy.

While it's probably too late, the family remain hopeful that Ziyah and teddy will be reunited.

There has also been an outpouring of support with people sharing news of this separation far and wide.

If you have found the purple teddy you can call Juleiga Rorich on 061 999 7583.

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