Find balance in life with Izelle Hoffman's new Mindful Living podcast

Find balance in life with Izelle Hoffman's new Mindful Living podcast

Jacaranda FM's launched a brand new JacPod Original podcast called Mindful Living with Izelle Hoffman - which aims to help you achieve that all important balance in life we're all seeking.

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Lifestyle chef Izelle Hoffman is a rising star in South Africa's culinary landscape. Raised in a farming environment that placed great importance on good food, she believes eating correctly adds significantly to a life of overall wellness.

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Hoffman is well known to local television audiences as the lifestyle chef on a number of programs and she has also been the food editor on a range of fitness magazines.

Hoffman launched her brand new lifestyle podcast, Mindful Living with Izelle Hoffman, on Jacaranda FM's The Drive with Rob & Roz this afternoon.

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The podcast is all about achieving mindfulness, health and wellness. Mindfulness is how your body feels, how your spirit feels, what you consume, what you think about, and what you listen to.

“Mindful Living is for everyone, whether you appreciate quality time with friends and family, quality food or really living in the moment while eating with all your senses: smell, taste, touch, see… and of course listen!,” says Izelle.

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Hoffman spoke to Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie about mindfulness and the exciting new podcast. 

"Self-love and self-care are important - and we tend to forget about ourselves.

"You need to invest in yourself and try to be the best version of yourself."

In the first episode, Hoffman chats to media personality, digital creator, and YouTube sensation Naledi Mallela, whose love for food and digital content creation has led to her becoming a Mukbang queen in the YouTube space. What is Mukbang? It’s a video where viewers watch the host eat!

Listen to the first episode below: 

Tune in to the 'The Drive with Rob & Roz', on weekdays from 16:00 - 19:00. Stream the show live here or download our mobile app here.

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