'I'm not a robot': What happens when you click the box?

'I'm not a robot': What happens when you click the box?

Have you ever wondered how such a simple task and question could confirm you're a human?

'I'm not a robot': What happens when you click the box?
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You should have encountered this check box on a website before and wondered to yourself, "But how would they really know?"

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And whether you are a human or robot reading this, it actually has nothing to do with you confirming that you are a human; it's more about what happens as a result of you clicking that box.

In an episode of the popular BBC television show, 'QI', the host, Sandy Toksvig, tells the guests Alan Davies, David Mitchell, Maisie Adams, and Holly Walsh how that little button actually works.

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Without getting too technical, it's not the action that is analysed but what you've done on the internet before you ticked the box.

Clicking on that box prompts the website you are on to check your browsing history and through that, they determine whether or not you are a human.

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Here's the full, detailed description:

So unless your search history resembles that of a robot's, you should be fine.

The more you know!

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