Margot Robbie's husband reveals the one thing they fight about

Margot Robbie's husband reveals the one thing they fight about

The actress has managed to keep her private life relatively private.

Margot Robbie's husband reveals what they fight about

It seems to come as quite a surprise to some when they find out that 'Barbie' star Margot Robbie is married.

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At most red carpet events she usually shows up alone with no one on her arm.

Early in her career, Robbie decided that she wanted to keep her love life out of the tabloids and off of the internet.

The happily married couple met on the set of a movie they were both working on, 'Suite Francaise'. Tom Ackerley was working as an assistant director, and Margot was one of the stars.

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Trying to keep a sense of privacy, she rarely publicly speaks about her husband, and the couple doesn't get spotted together too often.

In 2016, they even got married in a secret ceremony in Australia.

Margot has subtly mentioned her husband at important moments:

And she even joked about some of his habits during the 'Barbie' press tour:

Even in interviews, she doesn't want to reveal too much.

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However, in a recent interview with The Times, the couple shared more intimate details about their relationship, giving fans a rare glimpse into their marriage.

Ackerley was asked whether or not the couple ever get into fights, to which he responded, "Yes".

But the origin of the fights is not what you would expect.

Tom is British, while Margot is Australian, and their most intense clashes are about chocolate biscuits/cookies.

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According to her husband, they just cannot agree on whether Tim Tams (Australia) or Penguins (UK) are better.

The cookies in question are very similar, both looking like chocolate bricks, but there is a difference in the type of biscuit underneath the chocolate coating.

According to some, there is a difference in taste and the more delicious one usually is the one made in your home country.

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Luckily, Ackerley also said that the couple feel like honorary nationals in each other's homelands.

In case you thought they might be overreacting, here is proof that the biscuit debate has even gotten quite political between the UK and Australia:

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