VIDEO: Actress Jessica Biel shares tips for eating in the shower

VIDEO: Actress Jessica Biel shares tips for eating in the shower

Another day, another celebrity sharing their wacky ideas.

Video: Jessica Biel shares tips for eating in the shower

We like to think that celebrities are "just like us".

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Every so often, they remind us that although they might be similar to us in a basic human sense, they do have something special that sets them apart.

It could be their singing, dancing, acting or other abilities, but it seems like the biggest difference is the weird and interesting habits these celebs have.

Actress Jessica Biel recently revealed that she enjoys eating in the shower.

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This might not be a habit exclusive to celebrities, but you can't help but imagine that Biel can eat in the shower because she has some fancy, expensive system and possibly a personal chef.

Luckily Biel took to TikTok to tell her fans and followers all about this "movement" that she is looking to start.

In the first video, Jessica reveals that people need to know that she eats in the shower and she goes on to share a list of "shower-appropriate" food items that she enjoys in her shower:


(Shower) food for thought… 🚿

♬ original sound - Jessica Biel

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This confession obviously caused a stir and viewers flooded her comments with questions about this behaviour.

In a follow-up video, the actress answered some more questions and shared her best tips for anyone wanting to join the movement:

@jessbiel Replying to @Ryan ♬ original sound - Jessica Biel

According to her, it's very easy to do and perfect for anyone looking to multitask because they are busy.

So if that sounds like you, it might be time to join the shower-eating-movement!

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