WATCH: 'Homeless' woman stuns crowd with beautiful singing

WATCH: 'Homeless' woman stuns crowd with beautiful singing

Filmed in Cape Town, this woman has captured the hearts of thousands with her incredible voice.

WATCH: ‘Homeless’ Cape Town woman stuns crowd with singing talent

In this day and age, artists can go viral and reach an insane amount of people in a short amount of time.

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But not everyone who is lucky enough to go viral has been able to make sustainable careers out of their five seconds of fame.

After seeing this talented singer showcase her incredible voice while doing a cover of Rihanna's 'Love On The Brain', viewers are saying she was born to be a star.

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TikTok user Yvette London, @yvettelondon0, was visiting Cape Town on holiday when she heard beautiful music coming from the Cape Dutch Gardens and decided to investigate.

She then saw that a duo were performing in the gardens and busking, but these were no ordinary buskers.

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Yvette noted that the performers were 'homeless' and couldn't believe that such talented people have not been spotted by agents, and asked viewers to help promote the singer.

You can watch the video, which is now sitting at 9.6-million views, here:

@yvettelondon0 What an AMAZING Voice, they are homeless??? WHY! She needs an agent, the right agent that will take care for her as well as promote her……Somebody Please #capetownsouthafrica #homelesspeople #homeless #capetownhomeless #thevoice #musicpromoters ♬ original sound - Yvette London423

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Yvette has since posted an update on her own page about the duo, who are known as the Street Wise Band, and thanked viewers for sharing her video and showing support and love for the band:

@yvettelondon0 An update on the Homeless South African singers. @Street Wise Band #southafrica #soutgafricantiktok #capetownsouthafrica #capetown#streetwiseband ♬ original sound - Yvette London423

You can now see more of their wonderful performances on their own social media:


Phatha Phatha & Jungle

♬ original sound - Street Wise Band

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Main image courtesy of @yvettelondon0/TikTok

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