WATCH: Man interrupts live broadcast to thank drug suppliers

WATCH: Man interrupts live broadcast to thank drug suppliers

Reporting live from a music festival, one BBC reporter managed to keep her cool during the interruption.

BBC news report interrupted at music festival by random man
BBC News/LadBible

When attending a music festival there are just some things you might come across that make sense, like people only going to bed in the early hours of the morning or festivalgoers dressed up in all sorts of weird and wacky outfits you won't necessarily see every other day.

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This is not something that most morning news viewers would expect on their televisions though as they are enjoying their breakfast.

Reporter Hannah Miller was reporting live from Download Festival, a music festival in England when she was rudely interrupted by a man holding two cans of beer and wearing a headband and sweatbands.

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What probably shocked viewers and the reporter and her team the most though was the fact that when he saw his opportunity to get on television he decided to thank the National Health Service for his drug supplies by saying "I love my prescription speed provided by the NHS".

You can watch the moment here:

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Ever the professional, Miller thanked the gentleman and remained cool, calm and collected, while continuing with her report.

The random man however was gently escorted away from the cameras by one of her team members.

While Miller and thousands of viewers will probably never forget this moment, there's a slight chance that this man might only realise what he had done after returning home from the festival.

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Main image courtesy of BBC News/LadBible

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