WATCH: Viral airfryer cookie hack has viewers furious

WATCH: Viral airfryer cookie hack has viewers furious

The baking and airfryer communities have come together in their dislike for this cookie recipe.

TikTok cookie baking hack has infuriated viewers

If there's anything we've learned in the last few years, it's that most TikTok recipes tend to be absolute hits.

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The other side of TikTok is that sometimes a user will upload a video, hoping it will go viral only for it to become incredibly popular for all the wrong reasons. The dreaded backlash.

If you combine the two you'll have the video shown below which features a very controversial cookie recipe.

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TikTok user, @brazilianfoodie, decided to share her airfrying hack which will help you bake cookies "in 2 minutes instead of 30":

@brazilianfoodie #cookie #cookieairfryer #cookies #torontoblogger #toronto #airfryertiktok #airfryertiktok ♬ Dumb B - Ranvision

Unfortunately for her, other users started to rip her "hack" to shreds in the comments.

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Some people mentioned that if her cookies were taking 30 minutes, her oven might be broken, while others chose to point out the fact that her cookies are still raw.

While she took the comments in her stride, she did choose to point out that she loved the cookies just the way they are and that eating cookies that are a tiny bit raw isn't a big deal.

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The comments on the cookies included a bunch of alternative names for the cookies including: Dookie cookies, hockey pucks, browned dough, and free salmonella.

The CDC does say that people who are handling raw cookie dough are at risk of contracting salmonella and E. Coli.

Sofia (@brazilianfoodie) has since decided to turn off her comments for now.

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