Our favourite The Golden Girls moments

Our favourite The Golden Girls moments

On this day in 1985 The Golden Girls premiered on TV - we take a trip down memory lane to celebrate one of our favourite TV shows.

Golden Girls
The cast of The Golden Girls / Facebook.

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The Golden Girls has been described as one fo the most progressive shows of the 80s. The show, starring Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty highlighted a lot of taboo topics - but since these girls were "golden" that made it okay for them to say. 

This show opened viewers' eyes to a lot of issues that are STILL problems we talk about today; safe sex, and how it's important at any age, gay marriage and the girls also didn't shy away from issues affecting the elderly community like Alzheimers.

Golden Girls twtter
The Golden Girls / Twitter

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You are probably wondering what the Golden Girls look like now. Unfortunately three of the four ladies are no longer with us, leaving only Betty White who continues to spoil us with her comedic prowess.

Here are a few of our favourite moments from the show:

What was you favourite Golden Girls moment or character? Let Renaldo know, comment below.

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