Daniel Baron is back and better than ever!
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Daniel Baron is back and better than ever!

A few months ago, Daniel took to his website to launch his then brand new single - 'One more goodbye'.

Daniel Baron
Facebook - Daniel Baron

In the post he opened up about his heartache and how he turned to his music to heal:

 'So here goes... Three months ago my heart broke. These months have been very difficult. I allowed my heart to bleed into my music and I recorded a bunch of songs. This is the first of them and one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to write. It’s called 'One More Goodbye'. To anyone out there that is going through heartbreak, stay close to God, and you’ll be fine.'

Fast forward a few months and I'd say Daniel is doing more than fine. Anyone following him on social media will know he's undergone a phenomenal physical transformation - hitting the gym before sunrise every morning, turning his heartache into an incredible new physique. 

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And, we all know, a revenge body is the best way to move on!

With a second single - 'Sacrifice' heating up the airwaves, we had to get him into the studio to help motivate and inspire us. To use our hurt or heartache to propel ourselves forward, just like he did!

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