Looking to do a little good this year?

Looking to do a little good this year?

'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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2022 is the year of health, healing, and self growth. 

We've covered the health and healing angles but, what about the self growth? Well, I think I may have found a hack! 

After struggling with my mental health during 2021, I realised the one thing I wasn't doing was helping anyone other than myself. It was the year I had stopped my charity work because of various pandemic lockdown levels and it was the year I felt the most isolated, anxious, and depressed. Moving into 2022, I went back to walk dogs at Border Collie Rescue, and all of a sudden, just being there changed my mood. 

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But how does it work? 

The act of giving causes an actual physical reaction in your body and brain, making you feel better, and better every time you do it! 

But, where do you give? What charity should you support? The Good Things Guy has released his annual list of charities you can support in 20222! Everything form waking dogs to painting schools and everything in between! 

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2022 is the year you get to be a little selfish and give back to get back! 

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