The real reason measuring tapes have the loose metal end

The real reason measuring tapes have the loose metal end

If you are not used to doing DIY projects at home, then you might not know that the metal end of a measuring tape is loose for a reason.

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An extremely informative video shared by Dorisrosear on TikTok helped to explain the reason for the loose metal end on measuring tapes.

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In the video, it is explained that the metal end of the measuring tape is exactly 1/16th of an inch thick or 1.59mm.

This little bit could cause problems when measuring, so the metal bit is designed to move exactly that amount.

The beginning of the tape is also 1.59mm short, so when you push it up against a wall, you still get an exact measurement.

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If you have to pull the tape measure across something, then the metal bit slides out a bit to still give the exact measurement.

Watch the video below:

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