VIDEO: Elephant walks on roof at Sabi Sabi resort

VIDEO: Elephant walks on roof at Sabi Sabi resort

The elephant was spotted on the rooftop at a private Game Reserve, situated alongside the Kruger National Park - watch the video!

elephant on roof
Elephant on a rooftop at a resort in Sabi Sabi / Facebook screengrab.

What do you do when you spot an elephant walking on a rooftop? 

Well, you grab your camera and take a video of this rare occurrence, of course!

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This is what game ranger Kevan Dobbie did when an elephant climbed onto the roof of the Earth Lodge in the Sabi Sabi nature reserve to nibble on some leaves. The elephant seems unbothered by Dobbie with his camera, or the fact that it was walking on the roof while it was peacefully eating the leaves off a tree.

Watch the videos:

According to the resort's Facebook page, the roof is built at a certain height to organically form part of the hills of the environment. Elephants and other game regularly visit the lodge's watering hole. Smaller game can also be seen on the roof from time to time. 


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