Watch: Lioness teaches 10 lion cubs how to take down buffalo calf

Watch: Lioness teaches 10 lion cubs how to take down buffalo calf

Everyone needs to learn, even a pride of lion cubs in the Kruger National Park when it comes to taking down their first buffalo.

10 lion cubs take on buffalo calf / Youtube screengrab.

Thirty-year-old professional field guide, Christof Schoeman, caught this action on film in the Greater Kruger National Park at Tintswalo Safari Lodge. 

Moments after a lioness had caught a young buffalo, she then moved off towards a nearby dam wall where the cubs were tucked away. What followed was a basic lesson in hunting...

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In the video, the lioness leads the cubs towards the buffalo and that’s when the real action starts. Even though the incident is quite heartbreaking for the buffalo, the cubs learning the art of killing is quite something to watch.

Every now and then, one of the lionesses would grip their deadly claws to grab hold of the hind neck and wrap their jaws around the buffalo’s throat, then let go. It seems that this was simply to show and teach the cubs, for them to be able to mimic the same behaviour.

Watch the video here:

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